Shopping and ServiceNow integration

1E Shopping is an industry leading solution that provides an “App Store” for the enterprise. Shopping is used extensively by large and global organizations worldwide. IT organizations rely heavily on Shopping to service end-user requests for software and other IT assets. Shopping empowers the end-user to be self-sufficient and to get the software and services they need, when they need them with minimal reliance on IT.

While IT is happy to empower the end-user with Shopping, they are keen that the requests submitted through Shopping be monitored through a centralized repository and platform such as ServiceNow. Many organizations have invested in the ServiceNow platform and are keen to provide the unified and integrated experience that this integration will deliver.

Using the Web Service Import set, data from Shopping is populated in the Import Set table from where it is transferred to the Incident table based on the mapping created between the Import set table and the Incident table.

Shopping has an Integration Framework that facilitates the integration with third party systems. The Shopping Integration Framework invokes scripts at events such as Application Request, Approval Update, Approval Completed, and Request Completed, that in turn makes external calls to other third party systems.

This paper looks at the integrated experience that this brings to the enterprise, describes how the integration works and goes into detail for the software design and installation process.

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