Shopping upgrade strategies

Shopping upgrades are generally simple, straightforward, and low-impact. However, as with any change, specific conditions and circumstances might require unique consideration and handling that must be accounted for during planning and testing. With prudent analysis and planning you can ensure a successful and efficient upgrade project.

This guide shares processes and best practices based on 1E’s experience working with many organizations of all sizes to upgrade Shopping.

Scenarios included are:

  • Upgrading Shopping central
  • Upgrading Shopping receiver (s)
  • Customizations
  • Post upgrade checks

In this guide you will find:

  • Key considerations that might complicate your upgrade or migration
  • Complete upgrade processes, including example scripts and troubleshooting guidance
  • Best practices
  • Additional resources for further background

Best practices detailed in the document further ensure that your project is successful and that you maximize the software deployment benefits of Shopping for years to come.