It wasn’t me! A techie’s guide to immunizing yourself against phishing attacks

Get that smug feeling today

There are few more ignoble forms of satisfaction than the knowledge that, while someone’s definitely in trouble, that someone definitely ain’t you.

And what could be a better version of this feeling than the 100% assurance that next time a virus is spreading through your organization – such as one of the severe recent phishing-based cyber attacks Bad Rabbit and NotPetya – that you had nothing to do with it?

In this exclusive, free, techies-only whitepaper, Andrew Mayo shows how you can ensure that, whatever you’ve opened, you won’t be responsible for infecting anyone.


Andrew Mayo

Andrew Mayo
Engineering Team Lead, 1E

Andrew Mayo has been involved in IT for enough years to have worked through the tail-end of the punched card and paper tape era, and the subsequent invention of the PC. He is currently he’s working in the area of cybersecurity, and is a regular contributor to ITPro and other tech publications.

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