The benefits of migrating from Nomad

The Benefits of migrating from Nomad

Whether your IT priorities include improving your employees’ digital experience, enhancing endpoint security or working more efficiently, Tachyon can provide value in these key areas. In this paper, we’ll explore the core benefits and dig a little deeper with some real-world examples to illustrate how.

As 1E’s Nomad software is already installed in your environment, leveraging the power of 1E’s Tachyon platform to drive towards your strategic goals is a great place to start. 1E is already a trusted vendor, having passed security requirements and your company’s due diligence process, so consolidating to 1E’s secure platform has clear benefits.

In this paper we’ll explore the 7 core benefits to migrating from Nomad to Tachyon, including automation to drive self-healing and compliance, improved insight and analytics, reduce calls to the service desk and improve mean-time to resolve and the additional benefits of SaaS.

You’ll learn from real examples of how to save costs and develop your IT strategy and discover the ongoing benefits of moving to Tachyon.

And that’s not all, 1E will support you and work with you to ensure a smooth transition, so if you are ready to take the next step, contact us for further information. We’ll work together to help you on your migration path to the latest technology from 1E and unlock a host of benefits for your organization.