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The Service Desk Leader’s Guide to IT Automation

Digital friction is one of the biggest challenges of this new world of remote and hybrid working. In 2020 alone, 73% of employees said it took days, hours, or even weeks to get IT issues resolved. As such, productivity and engagement are affected, and the service desk faces high levels of time-consuming manual remediation.

So, how can service desk leader’s better enable their teams to meet the demands of a new employee-centric digital workplace? The answer lies in IT Automation.

IT Automation, part of the emerging Unified eXperience Management (UXM) approach, enables both end users and IT to be more productive and engaged. Not only does it streamline and consolidate your organizations approach to remediation, but it provides a better overall digital experience across the board.

Read the whitepaper to learn how to:

  • Reduce digital friction and decrease the mean time to remediation with automation
  • Increase productivity by eliminating disruptive screen share requirements
  • Save on cost and agent turnover by reducing manual efforts and extending the power of ITSM workflows

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