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Careers with 1E

1E is a values based company. 1E has 4 core values – Intellectual curiosity, subject matter expertise , contributing to the wider community (the 1E Sunshine) and commitment to delivery. We live and breathe our values every minute of every day and these values shape and influence all of our interactions with colleagues, customers and partners. Our daily priority , above all and at all levels is working towards these values – ensuring they are lived and communicated throughout the company. In our recruitment we actively look to find new employees who exhibit these values.


Our attitude towards work and life is energetic. Curious about everything, we are inspired by learning. 1E prefers open discussions, agendas are set aside and there is always space for creativity.

Subject Matter Expertise

We work with the best people, who are experts in their field. We work with pride in whatever we do, offering excellence in all of our products and solutions. When we hire new people, we are always expecting to improve ourselves. 1E only hires candidates who fit into the top quartile of what they do, helping us become a better company.

Belonging to the 1E community

Social, ethical and sharing sunshine, 1E’s attitude to our colleagues and customers combines genuine happiness and respect. 1E is a committed supporter of BAAF, MMA Orphanage, IWC Foundation as well as supporting underprivileged children to get better education.

No compromise on delivery

Our sole mission is to reduce the costs of running IT for our customers and put businesses back in control. The world’s largest organizations rely on 1E to help ‘Run IT For Less.’ 1E shows no compromising on this. Open and honest criticism encouraged and mistakes are ok. 1E works best with those who are always striving to improve.

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