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Get complete insight into software utilization and efficiency with Software Reclaim, a capability of the 1E Platform. Ensure optimal performance, enhanced security, and a better user experience through intelligent software asset management.

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How it helps

1E Software Reclaim streamlines software asset management, improving cost-effectiveness and user experience. Remove the guesswork from managing unused or underutilized software and transition to data-driven software reclamation. Give your IT operations teams the capability they need to make strategic decisions, secure endpoints, and provide a better digital experience.
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Core features

Custom Reclamation Policies

Equip your IT team with the power to tailor specific reclaim policies for individual software products and management groups. Software Reclaim optimizes your software allocation and generates major cost savings.
1E Software Reclaim - Custom Reclamation Policies
Identify Top Software Saving Opportunities

Identify Top Software Saving Opportunities

Uncover substantial savings opportunities and make informed software retention and removal decisions. Software Reclaim applies an analytical lens to software utilization.

In-Depth Software Usage Analytics

End the need for additional software installations and simplify the software management journey. Software Reclaim is fully integrated within the 1E client.
In-Depth Software Usage Analytics

Effortless Integration

Experience seamless integration as Software Reclaim is fully incorporated within the 1E client, eliminating the need for additional installations, and simplifying the software management journey.
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