1E for Visibility, Control, and Compliance

Give IT the power to query, diagnose, and manipulate endpoint configuration in real-time.

Made for your IT challenges

Too hard to troubleshoot and
remediate incidents

No way to remediate “issues of the day,” like urgent vulnerabilities

No real-time,
distributed controls

1E - Work Wonders

How it helps

IT needs to simplify and speed up troubleshooting and implement changes faster. 1E for Visibility, Control, and Compliance gives you real-time visibility of your IT estate and the power to query, diagnose, and manipulate endpoint configuration in real-time.

1E - Work Wonders

What you get

1E for Visibility, Control, and Compliance includes Endpoint Troubleshooting, Endpoint Automation, Inventory Insights, and (optional) Experience Analytics.

Endpoint Troubleshooting

  • Respond faster to security and vulnerability incidents
  • Find and confidently remediate all machines in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Resolve issues without disruptive screenshare sessions
Endpoint Troubleshooting Dashboard
Endpoint Automation Dashboard

Endpoint Automation

  • Adopt a self-healing strategy that reduces tickets through automation
  • Be certain that settings and configuration have been applied everywhere and are maintained as soon as they drift

Inventory Insights

  • Lower software costs with a deeper understanding of what’s not being used
Inventory Insights
Experience Analytics dashboard

Experience Analytics (optional)

  • Diagnose reported incidents faster
  • Proactively identify issues affecting employees

Patch Insights (optional)

  • Be certain about patch coverage and compliance
Patch Insights

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Case study

1E: Enabling Carollo Engineers to maintain productivity when working from anywhere

When working from anywhere became the norm, Carollo turned to 1E to help improve visibility, regain control over endpoints, and reduce support manhours.

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