1E for Digital Experience Observability

Measure, understand, and troubleshoot your employees’ digital experience in real-time.

Experience Observability

Made for your IT challenges

Low digital empathy

Reactive issue resolution

Poor visibility into endpoint estate

1E - Work Wonders

How it helps

To modernize IT and meet the ever changing needs of your hybrid workforce, you need a deep understanding of your end users’ experience and the technology they need to be productive. 1E for Digital Experience Observability helps you measure, understand, and troubleshoot the employee digital experience in real-time.

1E - Work Wonders

What you get

1E for Digital Experience Observability includes Experience Analytics, Endpoint Troubleshooting, Inventory Insights, Employee Sentiment, and (optional) Endpoint Automation.

Experience Analytics

  • Track DEX transformation progress with certainty
  • Get better visibility into experience issues and their causes
Experience Analytics dashboard
Endpoint Troubleshooting Dashboard

Endpoint Troubleshooting

  • Fix experience issues faster
  • Make end user disruption and deskside visits a thing of the past

Inventory Insights

  • Improve device stability and performance with insights on software usage so you can remove whatever isn’t being used
  • Create a better, consistent experience and security posture by cleaning up version sprawl and unsupported software
Endpoint Inventory​
Employee Sentiment dashboard

Employee Sentiment

  • Prioritize C-suite imperatives and company-wide objectives
  • Closely align IT with everyone else with deep understanding of their technology experiences

Endpoint Automation (optional)

  • Reduce the number of experience issues through proactive self-healing policies
Endpoint Automation Dashboard

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Case study

Baillie Gifford: Leading the way with proactive digital employee experience (DEX) management

With 1E, Baillie Gifford can now proactively manage digital employee experience (DEX) in the new world of hybrid working and gain real-time insight into employees’ perceptions.

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