1E vs Lakeside offerings:
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Looking for an outstanding solution that delivers event-based automated device self-healing, within seconds, and even when an endpoint is disconnected from the network?
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1E vs Lakeside at a Glance




Critical Device Monitoring
Critical Software Monitoring
Root Cause Analysis & Querying
Critical Software Self-Healing
Data collection speed for online end-user devices
Data collection for offline end-user devices
Customer Developed Instruction / Automation Build 

Rapid Response Vulnerability Mitigation

Patch Visibility & Deployment
Android / iOS Monitoring
Software Asset Management
Limited, no reclaim

Top Differentiators of 1E Against Lakeside

How do these feature specifications translate? When selecting the best digital employee experience (DEX) platform for your organization, 1E brings these main benefits to the table:

REAL, real-time, remediation

Experience lightning-fast query execution and remediation at scale with 1E. Our architecture ensures that actions aren’t slowed down by throttling, completing tasks in seconds instead of minutes.

Simple and extensible

1E allows instructions and automations to be written by the customer. On the other hand, the Lakeside platform requires Sensors to be built by Lakeside.

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File parsing

The 1E platform has the ability to parse and change config / log files on the fly, even within automations. Lakeside cannot read file content.

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1E integrates with your Patch solutions to keep your Enterprise secure, while Lakeside doesn't have Patch status capabilities.

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Offline remediations

At 1E, we understand that “it was offline” isn’t an acceptable explanation for IT issues. That’s why our automations live on the device and continue to run even when offline. You can rely on our platform to provide uninterrupted service and maintain critical operations, regardless of internet connectivity.

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