1E and Unum: 10 years of transformation

1E and Unum: 10 years of transformation

Ten years. A decade. A traditional benchmark for achieving something valuable. That’s what the relationship between 1E and Unum is: something of true value.


It all began with a problem Unum was having with their software distribution. They wanted to be able to save power while stabilizing their environment. NightWatchman entered the picture and kicked off the journey that would soon become one filled with grander achievements with other 1E products.
As Unum began to grow as a company, so did the number of challenges associated with success. Employees required a way to download software to their computers and IT required a way to ensure everyone was getting what they needed when they needed it. Shopping was implemented as their enterprise app store reducing the number of calls (and costs!) to their helpdesk.
Another unique challenge emerges as growth within a company continues: more people means more endpoints and more servers to store data. Nomad allowed Unum to successfully shrink their infrastructure within its field offices.  Bandwidth that was previously used to distribute content was re-routed back to their users ensuring their increased productivity.
And with time comes change—change that requires systems to be dusted off and updated. With so many endpoints, the thought of updating all of them felt overwhelming. A global malware attack here, systems crashing there, the need to update Unum’s infrastructure became paramount. Windows Servicing Suite was the answer. With key components like Nomad already in place, 1E was able to jump start Unum’s OS deployment.
This case study goes into further detail how 1E and Unum’s partnership demonstrates real cost savings, manual labor hours recovered, and the bond between customer and a service. Just as the story is unique, as is this case study which is filled with exciting visuals that tell the Unum story accurately and vividly.

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