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2023 Product Release Roundup

In this blog, we provide a roundup of these releases for you to explore. Dive in and learn more about fixing digital workplace issues fast and forever, with 1E.

1E Platform:

First up is the The 1E platform which helps IT teams improve end user experience, tighten security, reduce costs, and evolve IT Operations from cost center to strategic enabler. The 1E platform is continuously evolving to deliver on the needs of digital employee experience (DEX) and we’ve been excited about all of the enhancements throughout the year. 

Patch Insights  

Our first product release of 2023 was 1E Patch Insights in February. This product was designed to provide increased patching visibility in real-time to help you increase your patching compliance. And with an increasing need for Patch Administrators to provide compliance and meet patching SLAs consistently, leveraging 1E Patch Insights is the answer. 

You can find out more about it here. 

Virtual Desktop Experience (VDX) 

In July, we introduced Virtual Desktop Experience (VDX), a capability of the 1E platform that provides end-to-end visibility of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) estate and facilitates proactive issue identification and remediation. VDX was built for VDI Administrators and IT Operations teams that manage VDI availability, reliability, and issue resolution. 

Read on for a glimpse into VDX and how it can help improve your organization’s digital employee experience (DEX).  

Application Experience Management (AXM)  

We were thrilled to release 1E Application Experience Management (AXM) in August, a tool designed to proactively monitor application performance, surface actionable insights, and revolutionize the companywide application experience.  

So, if you’re an IT Admin responsible for digital employee experience and business applications, struggling to provide a seamless user experience, or coming up against a lack of application observability, learn more here.

Software Reclaim  

In November, we released Software Reclaim, our latest SaaS capability. Designed to address complexities associated with managing software costs, enhancing endpoint security, and improving user experiences, this solution provides a transparent lens into software usage.  

Learn more about Software Reclaim and the benefits of clear insights into software license usage here. 

Other platform improvements 

Throughout the year, we have made other notable updates to our platform, emphasizing our dedication to providing a robust DEX platform. The upgrade to the .NET Framework v4.8 for the 1E Client brings a more robust and secure foundation. We’ve also significantly improved support for the 1E Client-Switch web socket. Expanding our system’s compatibility, MacOS Sonoma is now supported, reflecting our commitment to a broader range of operating systems. 

Our authentication and integration capabilities have been substantially enhanced. The introduction of OAuth-based authentication for domain-separated instances simplifies the authentication process. Furthermore, our platform can now display 1E Experience Scores for both new and old APIs, providing users with additional detailed insights. For customers maintaining on-premises environments, OAuth authentication requests are managed through the Mid Server, enhancing both connectivity and security. 

In addition to these major updates, we’ve implemented minor bug fixes and made some rebranding adjustments. These refinements improve the overall user experience and ensure our platform remains aligned with the latest industry standards and practices. 

1E Solutions:

1E Solutions were introduced this year as a cross-section of the 1E Platform, delivering valuable IT insights and metrics while unlocking new avenues for cost savings to our customers. Stepping into 2024, we’re excited about broadening and enriching 1E Solutions that continue to streamline IT operations. 

1E for Device Refresh  

September saw the launch of 1E for Device Refresh and the move away from age-based device refresh cycles. This 1E Solution facilitates proactive hardware asset management, resulting in reduced cost, reduced carbon impact, and appropriate allocation of devices to ensure employee satisfaction and reduce downtime. 

Find out how to make data-driven hardware decisions and reduce costs while improving user outcomes with 1E for Device Refresh.  

1E for Microsoft Intune  

In April, we released 1E for Microsoft Intune. This solution is designed to empower IT with granular control of deployments and real-time actions to maintain continuous compliance and a standardized baseline.

As organizations maintain a focus on device management needs, 1E for Microsoft Intune enhances the value and power of Microsoft Intune by complementing its capabilities. Learn more.

In reflection, 2023 has been a year of remarkable innovation and evolution for 1E. Our dedication to enhancing the digital workplace experience has culminated in a powerhouse lineup of product releases that cater to the diverse needs of IT administrators, operations teams, and organizations as a 
whole—reflecting our leader position in the Forrester EUEM Wave.  

Looking ahead, 2024 promises to be another year of innovation. We’re excited to deliver more cutting-edge products that elevate digital workplace experiences, streamline operations, and empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Stay tuned for an exciting journey ahead as we continue to shape the future of workplace technology together. 


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022