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Hello, world: 1E Patch Insights

Patching and vulnerability management are crucial components of any business that cares about securing its device landscape from threats and potential bad actors. Today, there’s a greater need for Patch Administrators to ensure patch compliance and meet patching SLAs on a consistent basis. Not only do Patch Administrators need to meet these monthly targets, but they also have a responsibility to proactively remediate any device issues before they become a blocker to any patch. As Microsoft states, “In today’s hyperconnected world, running occasional security scans and dealing with cyberthreats in a reactive manner is not a sufficient cybersecurity strategy.” – What is vulnerability management? | Microsoft Security

With native solutions, users can’t view their entire patching environment, including patched machines. Patch Administrators are essentially blind to their patching environment and must work with outdated information when attempting to increase patch coverage. This lack of visibility can lead to delays in reaching patch SLAs and securing an environment. Unlike native Microsoft patching solutions such as SCCM or WSUS—which don’t provide real-time visibility about patching failures—1E Patch Insights provides Patch Administrators with full visibility of their device environment throughout their entire patching cycle.

In addition to the real-time patching dashboard that 1E Patch Insights provides, Patch Administrators can proactively remediate any device issues that may prevent a patch from completing when using 1E Endpoint Automation (formerly Guaranteed State). Patch Administrators no longer have to play catch-up and troubleshoot devices on an individual basis after patches have failed. Instead, they can focus on remediating devices in mass to provide patch compliance before they fail. This means more devices meet patch SLAs through 1E Endpoint Automation rules that run proactively.

For the Patch Administrator or the Digital Workplace Team needing visibility and understanding of where their last patches are failing, 1E Patch Insights is a Last-Mile Patching Solution. It augments your existing patching solution to increase overall patching compliance.

1E Patch Insights provides a real-time “to-do list” style dashboard that displays all crucial patches and their updated status at any time. This dashboard provides information that allows patch administrators to meet difficult SLAs and help protect the Microsoft endpoint environment from vulnerabilities/exploits.

Additionally, 1E Patch Insights includes a priority scoring metric per patch. This priority scoring metric helps Patch Administrators decide which patches are critical and which don’t need immediate remediation. Patches are scored from 0-100 based on multiple factors including patch age, number of devices affected, and the status of the patch across the devices. Patch scoring provides admins with the information needed to prioritize patches and make decisions on which patches to address first.

Lastly, Patch Administrators can patch directly from the 1E Patch Insights dashboard, using SCCM, WSUS, or Intune patching mechanisms. Not only does 1E Patch Insights provide real-time data to be viewed, but also allows you to deploy any patch or reboot the device from a central page.

For Patch Administrators wanting to proactively remediate devices and increase patch compliance, leveraging 1E Patch Insights within the 1E for Visibility, Compliance, and Control solution is the answer. With the full solution, IT teams can quickly troubleshoot device issues and automatically run device-fixing rules to allow patches to apply faster and increase patching SLAs.

Keen to learn more about 1E Patch Insights? You can find everything you need here!


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