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How To Add To Your Company’s Values


In case you missed it and didn’t already know, Airbus takes their projects quite “seriously”.  CEO Tom Enders sets his sights super high and wants everyone to know.  He announced a projection to having full scale prototypes of revolutionary urban aircraft by the end of the year.  It’s pretty ambitions—and unbelievably exciting, radical, and thought provoking.

Like Airbus, 1E lives and breathes shared core values of driving and improving innovation through the promotion of Intellectual Curiosity.
Such a mindset may seem tertiary in relation to bringing in more money or pleasing and wooing customers. Think about what you would accomplish without having a rock solid foundation. Your productivity would diminish entirely.  Luckily our founder Sumir Karayi believes deeply in company wide Intellectual Curiosity which fosters invention, personal and professional growth, and exploration. Yes we play together. But we grow together, too.
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It’s hard to remember that behind tech based companies, real, living, breathing, humans are at the helm. We hardly see these people—but we know logos. I bet you know a slew of slogans. Yet, we so easily forget that from the biggest and most impressive (Honeywell, Bank of America, or Nike, for example) to the niche and boutique—every company out there is functioning with people who make it so.
The difference at 1E is that we make Intellectual Curiosity the soil in which we grow from. We are not successful without it. Sumir says that being an expert in something “…should never come in the way of Intellectual Curiosity.” Because we are a team filled with experts of all kinds, along with technological MVPs, the pursuit of Intellectual Curiosity must not conflict with subject matter expertise.

We most assuredly can stake claims in the mastery of Software Asset Management (SAM), Secure Automation (Nomad), and establishing control in software spending (AppClarity). That being said, it is of the utmost importance to us as a company—and a company within this particular industry— that we pave the way for future corporations to adopt this way of operating. What was it Willy Wonka quoted? (No, not “candy is dandy but liquor is quicker”.) “We are the Dreamers of Dreams.” Be radical. Be thought provoking. Most of all, encourage your employees to be.
Give them the tools they need to succeed. Register now for this dynamic webinar featuring Microsoft MVP Kent Agerlund and 1E’s Mike Terrill. They will go over the 2016 highlights of Configuration Manager as well as what to look forward to for this year. Their expert advise will help you with your planning as well as give you answers to your burning CM questions.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022