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Windows Migration: Less than one month to go until #EndofDaysXP


There is less than one month to go to complete your Windows migration before Microsoft ends support for Windows XP; the so called #EndofDaysXP. Experts, including Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group in volume 15 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, warn of a firestorm as hackers release stockpiled attacks on the then defenseless Operating System.
If your organization has yet to complete its migration to Windows 7 or 8, then April 8, 2014 ought to be in your diary in block red letters.
Even if your company opts to stick with Windows XP and pay extortionate custom support charges, research has shown that XP users are at six times higher risk of hacking even before the end of Windows XP extended support. That figure will leap come mid-April.
That is why 1E have developed tools to help you achieve your migration goal, in a way that is fast, secure, and reliable. Unlike other ‘zero-touch’ solutions, 1E’s true Zero-Touch Migration enables late-mover organizations to not only complete their Windows migration in record time, but also as a Business-As-Usual activity, in the most cost-effective manner. Our free eBook on the subject tells you all you need to know.
You can’t automate your Windows migration without understanding the critical processes that drive it. The good news: once you do identify and automate key processes, your Windows migration will be faster, lower-cost and far less disruptive. Our expert white paper gives an empirical analysis of the major decisions affecting any Windows migration project.
And it’s not just theory. The Windows migration experts at 1E have helped dozens of large companies make it to the other side. Here’s just one case study example, or watch the video below in which Brian Mason, Microsoft ConfigMgr MVP at a Fortune 500 company, and Dave Kawula, Lead System Center Architect, discuss how 1E has helped them with their large-scale Windows Migrations.
Using 1E’s Nomad software, large and complex Windows migrations can be achieved quickly without desk-side visits, extra servers or network hogging. Meanwhile, AppClarity makes it easy to rationalize your app estate before you spend a fortune migrating it, and our enterprise app store Shopping lets users provision themselves on their new Operating System. You can even use NightWatchman to wake up remote machines, then shut them down again when they’ve been upgraded.
And it’s not only fantastic software tools that we have to offer: 1E’s consulting arms provides our clients with expert guidance from those who have had years of experience in Windows Migrations, meaning you can approach an OS deployment with confidence.
Speak to 1E and take the smart, fast, automated route off XP, and witness true zero-touch migration in record times, at unbeatable costs.


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The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022