Guaranteed State simplifies configuration management by removing manual effort when implementing standardized configuration at scale. Keep even your remote endpoints secure and free from malicious security threats with Guaranteed State.

Core features

Automated configuration compliance

Enforce event-based rules for third-party apps as well as OS settings automatically and immediately, reducing the threat of configuration drift. In instances where a user attempts to overrule a configuration rule, Guaranteed State reverts settings back to their original state in a matter of seconds.

Real-time visibility and audit reporting

Visualize current actual state to monitor and report on device configurations at scale and in real time. Immediately see whether any devices are out of compliance, what rules are active in your environment, and what remediations have been executed in a single dashboard view.

Conditional processing capabilities

Access prebuilt rules within Guaranteed State and create your own for more complex performance, security, or compliance requirements. Uniquely, these conditional processes don’t overburden your endpoints and are executed in real time.

Highlights from 1E's

Work From Anywhere Enterprise Conferences

5,000 IT leaders have joined us for our live WFA conference to tackle the big challenges facing IT organizations today. Watch the Tachyon Masterclass to see how Guaranteed State rules work and are created or watch a short demo of how Guaranteed State enables a “fix once, fix forever” approach to incident resolution.

Tachyon Masterclass: Identifying, diagnosing, and remediating digital experience issues in real time
How Tachyon supports the hybrid Work From Anywhere Enterprise

Service state management, at scale and by exception

Every company has certain services that they want to always be running (or perhaps never run) on their endpoints. Guaranteed State makes it simple to keep services running as they should and ensure software updates are deployed, all while minimizing security risks.

Tachyon Tuesday - Deep Tech Content, Every Tuesday

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