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Nomad removes the need for distributed servers and intelligently uses only available bandwidth for all content distribution, so your business is never impacted by MEMCM or Windows deployments.

Remote workers are extremely sensitive to content distribution because the applications they now rely on, such as voice and video conferencing, are bandwidth sensitive. Nomad minimizes the impact of these applications to both your VPN infrastructure and the user’s internet connection.

Key benefits

Bandwidth management Prevent network congestion

Manage bandwidth utilization to prevent content from burdening the network. Nomad uses a sophisticated algorithm to continuously monitor the available bandwidth across the full connection to determine the acceptable transfer speed rate.

Microsoft SCCM server removal

Content distributionBetter visibility & control of content downloads

Stay on top of content downloads with Nomad’s intuitive dashboard that provides real-time visibility of download status and the content that is available in each location, subnet, and client. Single-site download enables content to be shared across subnets in the same location.

Content distribution Better visibility & control of content downloads

Cache managementSpeed up content deployments

Get content distributed ahead of important deployments with Nomad’s precaching capabilities. Delete content from one of more clients immediately or remove unused content from the cache to maintain control of content downloads.

Eliminate distributed serversReduce infrastructure costs

Nomad uses several enterprise-grade technologies to remove the need for any distributed servers. All Nomad technologies are designed as fault-tolerant systems and work even if there is only one machine left in a branch.

Automated application deployment

Visibility and management of Delivery Optimization Supports Microsoft Modern Management

Get real-time visibility of Delivery Optimization downloads and content availability, used by Intune, MS store and MS update, in each location, subnet, and device. Nomad enables dynamic management of DO configuration to ensure you get the best peer-to-peer performance possible.

See Nomad in action

Reduce costs and simplify management of peer-to-peer content distribution

Unlike Microsoft technologies which need to combine Peer Cache, BranchCache and LEDBaT, and meticulously manage BITS client settings and boundary groups, Nomad reduces the cost and simplifies bandwidth management and peer-to-peer content sharing in Configuration Manager.

Find out how 1E Nomad outperforms Microsoft peer-to-peer technologies

Nomad 7 on the 1E platform

Nomad 7 on the 1E platform –the path to Modern Management

Nomad 7, now on the 1E platform, helps IT as they transition to Modern Management. Take advantage of the additional benefits that are now included:

  • Increase patch compliance by ensuring clients are functioning and you are able to deploy updates to them at all times.
  • Total control over downloads in your environment with the ability to stop them in their tracks if needed.
  • Centrally manage content in the Nomad cache on clients, with the ability to remove content from any client in real time.
  • Improved security features

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