Improve your organization’s IT hygiene and mitigate risk with real-time visibility and control of patching. Identify high-priority patches and get real-time patch status from across all endpoints to react quickly in a critical situation.

Core features

Immediate visibility of patch status

Intuitive dashboards provide immediate insight into patch status, including the latest patch updates, which patches are most critical and which endpoints require immediate patching. This data is aggregated into a patch health score to provide holistic visibility of your organization’s IT hygiene.

Deep integration with the Tachyon Platform

Get up-to-date and accurate information about endpoint health. Tachyon’s lightweight architecture empowers IT to quickly identify vulnerabilities without network and end-user disruption and issue command and perform follow-up actions in real time.

Drill down into telemetry

Drill down into specific patches and get details on which devices are missing high-priority or critical patches. IT can quickly identify how many devices are vulnerable, discover which patches have been deployed to all or groups of endpoints, and determine the severity and vulnerability of patches.

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