Task automation provides significant productivity gains for ServiceNow customers and an unsurpassed employee experience. 1E ServiceNow Automation integrates several 1E solutions into ServiceNow, namely:

ITSM task automation for improved Service Desk productivity

1E’s comprehensive real-time capabilities are available directly within the ServiceNow ITSM console. Service Desk staff can safely resolve 40% more issues on first attempt. Senior staff can make new functionality available to junior technicians immediately and safely so first-time resolutions are constantly increasing. Incidents can be investigated and resolved without RDP so the employee is never disrupted and issues are resolved immediately.

Self-service and virtual agent automation

Employees can self-serve issues mainly through virtual agent integration. Even if the employee is missing essential VPN capability, the 1E real-time platform can identify and fix issues, including the VPN itself. Employees can even self-serve Windows rebuilds from home, resulting in an intelligent agent rebuilding the PC, including applications, data and settings.

Security operations hunt, response and remediation

Security operations can use 1E’s real-time hunt capabilities to investigate vulnerabilities and breaches in real-time across the whole organization and find every endpoint of interest. Response and remediation are immediate as well. The endpoints can be quarantined while still being managed so they can be patched or even completely rebuilt remotely. All of this occurs with no network or client impact so the security team can fearlessly investigate every issue immediately.

Configuration drift and compliance guarantees

1E’s Guaranteed State feature intelligently manages configuration and immediately rectifies drift from standard configuration. Rules are applied based on events rather than polling cycles so they are immediate and can even stop an application as it is loading. Customers have access to prebuilt rules, but also have the capability to create them for any performance, security or compliance requirement. Rules are automatically marked as redundant when not needed so the system remains current.

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