Get complete visibility into the end-user digital experience. Drive rapid value across your enterprise with a solution that exponentially accelerates the IT journey from insights to actions, centered on driving increased employee engagement, productivity, and more efficient IT support operations. Tachyon Experience, an end-to-end digital employee experience (DEX) solution

Track 4 critical metrics with Experience

Now that employees have more flexibility to work anywhere and anytime, ensuring they can be just as productive wherever they find themselves is of utmost importance to the enterprise. Experience accomplishes this by running patented synthetic transactions on every user’s device without any performance impact to check its health based on four criteria:


Measure how a device is reacting to the end user’s commands


Measure the crashiness of a device’s OS and applications


Measure device statistics, such as CPU utilization, memory, and network


Measure aggregated user feedback based on engagement surveys

Key benefits

Deliver frictionless IT

Introduce out of the box visibility for network analytics, device start up analytics and application insights. Provide IT teams the richness of data they rely upon and enable your organization to gain a 360-degree view into their employee digital workplace ecosystem.

Dashboards made simple

Get immediate insights into the end-user experience through intuitive analytics and experience scores. Through side-by-side user device comparisons and quadrant-based evaluation of experience impacts, rapidly understand where any remedial action is needed and apply this insight immediately at scale.

Increase employee productivity

Conduct real-time troubleshooting and perform root-cause analysis at scale to continuously maintain a healthy digital workplace environment. Enable always on controls tailored to address different work styles and personas to ramp up preventative automation processes where required.

Comprehensive User Engagement

Empower IT to effect change by capturing and actioning end-user sentiment. Actively engage and survey your employees, wherever they are, through proactive notifications, campaigns, and actionable self-service automation solutions.

Elite ServiceNow Partnership

Enable IT to improve incident management by empowering L1 service desks to proactively resolve more incidents within ServiceNow ITSM. With Experience data, service desk agents have access to contextual insight into the direct end-user experience to proactively remediate issues for one or many users to reduce incident volume.

Highlights from 1E's

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This Buyer’s Guide from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) evaluates the four leading DEX solutions available today: 1E Tachyon, Aternity Digital Experience Management, Lakeside Software’s Digital Experience Cloud, and Nexthink Enterprise.

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WFA Conference Session

Enterprise insights: Practical considerations for optimizing digital experience in a large organization

Enabling great digital experiences for remote workers at scale is a complex challenge for any large enterprise. Every employee has different requirements and prefer to work in their own way, so how does IT meet all their needs? This is something Nationwide encountered from the start of the pandemic.

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