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Tachyon Sentiment enriches the endpoint health data gathered by Tachyon Experience with subjective, continuous end-user sentiment scoring. Understand and measure how employees feel about their digital tools and IT experience for improved decision making and to drive employee centric digital transformation.

Key benefits

Break down the siloes between IT and employees

The only way to know how end users feel about their IT experience is to ask them. Poll users on an ad hoc or continuous basis to monitor and react to sentiment trends over time or in response to a specific event, such as an IT upgrade.

Context-aware employee engagement

Customize surveys to get the necessary insights from the right people and at the right time to accurately measure end user satisfaction. Whether you want to know about the success of a recent IT project or to gage end users’ perception of the IT organization, each survey is customizable to fit any context.

Non-intrusive sentiment gathering

Enable end users to quickly provide feedback with limited disruption to their day using single-click questionnaires. Customizable settings also ensure that end users are present and not in the middle of working or away from their desk when a survey pops up.

User-friendly dashboards

Observe trends over time and visualize sentiment scores alongside metrics gathered from the endpoint for better decision making and accurate root cause analysis. Aggregated sentiment scores are available per user, campaign, or across all respondents and presented in intuitive dashboards.

Deep integration with ServiceNow ITSM

Facilitate more personalized engagement between employees and IT support. Schedule surveys directly in ServiceNow ITSM to gage how end users rate their service desk experience or to simply check whether their issue has been resolved.

The Forrester New Wave™End-User Experience Management, Q4 2020

Forrester named 1E as a Strong Performer in the New Wave™ for End User Experience Management with differentiated capabilities in remediation and qualitative feedback.

The Forrester New Wave

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