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Real-time endpoint management built on a single agent for unsurpassed speed, visibility, and control of all endpoints

The 1E Tachyon single agent and platform is a remote endpoint management solution designed to significantly improve IT’s ability to support the Work From Anywhere Enterprise.

Built around a revolutionary real-time engine, Tachyon is a powerful tool that helps IT become more efficient, reduce costs and still deliver great employee experiences anywhere.

Core modules

Endpoint and Client Engineering

Perform real-time diagnostics and remediation for faster and more proactive incident resolution

Detect compliance vulnerabilities and takes action in seconds

Automate patch management and reporting to mitigate risk and vulnerabilities

End-User Experience

Monitor, investigate, and remediate employee experience issues in real time and at scale

Truly understand employee sentiment with customizable qualitative feedback gathering

ITSM Service Delivery

Take action at the first point of contact with endpoint task automation for ServiceNow

Deliver a self-service experience to employees with AI-driven automated resolution for ServiceNow

Build a Tachyon-powered ServiceNow CMDB to create a lean information system of endpoints


1E: Enabling Carollo Engineers to maintain productivity when working from anywhere

Carollo Engineers is a water engineering firm that specializes in the planning, design and construction of water and wastewater facilities. When working from anywhere became the norm, Carollo turned to 1E for help.

Why Tachyon?

Real-time endpoint management to support employees anywhere

Tachyon empowers IT to respond to employees’ issues in their time, being real time. It requires only a single network packet exchange, which means it can retrieve information and take action in a matter of seconds, resulting in decreased employee disruption and faster issue resolution. Tachyon’s real-time capabilities also ensure that all endpoints are always performant, compliant, patched, secure, and operational.

Autonomic endpoint management

Automation is critical to reducing IT workloads and increasing productivity. Tachyon is built to learn and grow so senior technicians can pass on complex fixes as automated instructions to the service desk and other teams. Once proven, the same automation is used to for self-help through chatbots and autonomic remediation.

Deep integrations with Microsoft and ServiceNow

All Tachyon instructions are available within the ServiceNow platform so the service desk team can fix issues without leaving the console. This results in a massive increase in productivity by reducing IT workloads. Tachyon instructions can also be used to augment the ServiceNow Virtual Agent, so employees can self-serve issues without contacting the service desk. Tachyon can also augment MEM to ensure that patching, compliance, and remediation consume minimal effort.

See Tachyon in action

Highlights from 1E's

Work From Anywhere Enterprise Conferences

5,000+ IT leaders joined have joined 1E's WFA Conferences. Together, we're confronting the challenges posed by hybrid working and many of the world's largest enterprises rely on the 1E Tachyon Platform. Watch some of the highlights from the conference.

1E showcase: Real-time Digital Experience Management for the WFA enterprise
1E Tachyon Masterclass: Real-time Endpoint Management
Case study

Pernod Ricard and Tachyon: giving all users the experience they want

Pernod Ricard is one of the biggest drinks companies in the world. As it sought to give its workers a better employee experience, particularly its growing base of remote workers, it turned to 1E Tachyon for help.

Press Release

1E Wins 2020 BIG Innovation Award for its Tachyon Real-time Endpoint Management Solution

The award recognizes the innovation and creativity of the 1E team and our efforts to improve the daily lives of employees globally.

1E Wins 2020 BIG Innovation Award for its Tachyon Real-time Endpoint Management Solution

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