1E for Microsoft Intune

Enable fully modern management with real-time visibility and granular control for security and compliance.

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Real-time policy

Client Health

Critical Services Compliance

Patching Visibility

Normalized Inventory

How it helps

Achieve efficient, granular control of deployments and maintain continuous compliance. With lightweight, always-on communication and real-time actions organizations can maintain a standardized baseline, rapidly respond to critical issues, and address client health.

What you get

Client Health and Remediation​

  • Keep devices in check with automation that goes beyond memory and processing usage.
  • Use a single and common UI to see which devices drift from baseline.
  • Devices report changes in real-time so data is always up to date.

Real-Time Policy Sync

  • See real-time device data.
  • Out-of-the box rules and instructions provide accurate device sync times, initiate sync, automate sync on non-compliant devices.
  • Address compliance on time across all devices.

Critical Services Compliance

  • See, at a glance, all devices that have drifted from the base configuration
  • Validate that critical services such as SecureBoot, Antivirus, endpoint detection response, Bitlocker, One Drive, and more are compliant, enabled, and running properly.

Client Diagnostics for Intune Operations

Dig into patch reporting from the highest level, all the way down to a single device or multiple across the different patch severities with visualized and actionable compliance information in a single pane.

Event ID Management

  • Scan event logs, in real-time, for specific Intune troubleshooting data with a single click.
  • Last-mile Patching
  • Real-time Inventory Normalization and Visibility

Normalized Inventory

Real-time knowledge of hardware and software inventory. Including software installation status, edition, device name, and primary user across the entire estate. No need to wait for long sync times.

1E for Microsoft Intune Capabilities

In-service Capabilities

1E for Microsoft Intune

Client Health and Remediation
Real-Time Policy Sync
Critical Services Compliance
Client Diagnostics for Intune Operations
Event ID Management
Advanced Intune Reporting
Last-mile Patching
Real-time Inventory Normalization and Visibility
Peer-to-peer Distribution

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