Endpoint Management and Security

Instantaneous and accurate information to make decisions and verified change, with unsurpassed ability to control the state of every device.

Real-Time Endpoint Management is here: it’s called Tachyon. Tachyon provides real-time control of your entire IT estate through a live connection to every endpoint. Most instructions require only a single packet exchange, which enables your team to get everything done faster, without interruption and without disruption. IT’s endless to-do list is never going away but Tachyon can help your team get control and maybe even learn to love it.

50% of security teams do not trust operations to implement basic security controls.  For good reason. Most operations tools do not provide adequate coverage of all endpoints, have stale and inaccurate data, and fail to patch successfully. 1E can change this situation. With Tachyon, all endpoints are always managed, information is always accurate and patching or configuration management are guaranteed because you can see the result immediately.

Here are some of the outcomes native Tachyon functionality will help your team with immediately:

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All 1E-managed endpoints call home as soon as they have a network connection. 1E’s Real-Time platform, Tachyon, is extremely lightweight so endpoints need only to be powered on for a few seconds for control to be achieved.

IT Industry's Best Product - Network PG’s IT World Award

Tachyon was recognized by NPG for making quick work of remotely remediating a corrupt font issue that rendered thousands of machines inoperable at global spirits company, Pernod Ricard. 14th Annual Network PG’s 2019 IT World Awards

14th Annual Network PG’s 2019 IT World Awards

The 1E platform enables IT staff to hunt in real-time for operational and security issues across the whole organization without any performance impact. This means they can interactively search for compromised machines or performance issues across millions of endpoints. All of this happens without interruption and in a single thought process to ensure the incident is completely resolved and the operator free to work on the next issue. Nothing else is as fast or supports IT to get as much done.

Most Innovative, Endpoint Security – Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards 2018

"1E won the Most Innovative, Endpoint Security award, because they are an innovator on a mission to stop breaches and get one step ahead of the next threat, proactively.”

Infosec Awards Winner 2018: Cyber Defense Magazine

Patching remains a serious problem for most organizations. 1E’s Real-Time Platform, Tachyon, ensures all Microsoft patches are applied successfully and immediately to all endpoints, wherever they are. 1E ensures real-time visibility of all endpoints and their patch status so you always have oversight of the state of your endpoints, even in a critical patching situation.

1E ensures you are always in control of the configuration of all endpoints. The lightweight nature of Tachyon enables hundreds of configurations to be managed without performance issues. Unlike Group Policy, the rules automatically show whether configurations are having to be enforced and whether they have become redundant.

Organizations using Tachyon benefit from a 52% reduction in configuration drift incidents due to lower numbers of system glitches and IT system failures

Tachyon can be used to deploy, manage and troubleshoot all your other agents so you don’t have to use cumbersome processes that were designed for legacy management technologies. 1E’s Real-Time Platform, Tachyon, ensures every action and its result are known immediately so your team can complete every job in the thought process without interruption. This means each process which normally causes delays can quickly be made simpler. Deploying Tachyon is the simplest decision you can make today to make your employees, your business and your IT team happier.

Why 1E?

1E Tachyon is the first real-time platform designed for remote endpoints


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