Software Asset Management (SAM)

AppClarity has been recognized by Gartner as a “Visionary” vendor in the 2019 SAM Magic Quadrant.

Paying for software you are using can be simple, especially with 1E’s new standards, AI and Real-Time Platform, Tachyon. 1E has worked tirelessly over the past six years to help develop ISO 19770, which makes licensing simpler. We now have one of the most innovative solutions in the market. Don’t just take our word for it though. Our SAM solution has gained significant traction in the market, with Gartner listing 1E as a “Visionary” vendor in the 2019 SAM Magic Quadrant.

Even more significantly, we embarked on the largest SAM project in the world with one of our customers, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, successfully securing for them $65 million in savings over two years. Read the case study for more information on how our SAM approach can you help you realize real cost savings.

Here are some of the deliverable outcomes you can expect from 1E’s SAM solution:

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1E’s Real-Time Platform, Tachyon, can find every endpoint and its installed software, immediately determine how it is being used, and ensure it always stays current. For more complex organizations that require information retrieval from other sources, we have built a framework to easily connect to all enterprise data sources and use the best information present for any asset. We have 30 connectors gathering 500 million records every day for our largest client, The Department of Veteran Affairs, which are all normalized against 1E’s AI catalog.

Using 1E’s AppClarity solution, The Department of Veteran Affairs has made cost savings of $65 million and boosted its FITARA rating from an F to an A.

Businesses run on software, while cybercriminals target it, so it is imperative that you have oversight of all the software running in your organization. AI is ideal for this mundane but essential work. 1E’s AI is already making our cataloging team into superhumans. We can prove it: Share your data with us and we will catalogue not only the solutions you have bought but all the solutions you have built yourselves.


Some software vendors like complex licensing because it creates confusion. The customer, for expediency, simply signs a bigger cheque. Let’s stop that. However complex the licensing metric, we can acquire it through our platform while our ISO 19770-based licensing solution makes sense of it. 1E also has the simplest-to-use software reclaim solution for endpoint software not being used. Our unique preview feature lets you know the result before you action any reclaim.

Gartner Magic Quadrant SAM 2019

Unfortunately, most solutions still do not use SAM intelligence across operations and security. 1E, however, leverages software intelligence to automate management of all endpoint software. With application management and migration whenever you upgrade, rebuild or replace a PC, the right versions of applications are automatically installed, saving both the employee and IT technician valuable time. This intelligence and capability can also be leveraged by security teams to blacklist, upgrade or whitelist applications.


Why 1E?

AppClarity is 1E’s complete SAM tool, from user experience monitoring to identifying unpatched software.


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