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ServiceNow* is the premier tool for workflow automation and visibility of your IT environment. 1E augments ServiceNow with endpoint task automation. This results in significant productivity gains for IT teams and enhances the employee experience by immediately giving them what they need.

With 1E, you can provide your employees with more choice than ever before and instant gratification. Here are some of the deliverable outcomes you can expect:

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1E automates even the most complex remediations wherever the employee is located. Using ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent to communicate intelligently with the employee, 1E’s Real-Time Platform will immediately fix the issue. For problems which require more drastic action, like rebuilding a Windows PC, 1E has the only solution available that the service desk can initiate and the employee can self-serve from anywhere while being guided by an intelligent agent.

Cutting-edge self-service

1E enables junior technicians to resolve 40% more issues on first attempt by eliminating the need for deep domain knowledge, RDP access or even admin rights to the endpoint. Best of all, resolutions are available directly within ServiceNow, so technicians don’t have to leave the console and the entire workflow is automated and tracked.

IT Industry's Best Product - Network PG’s IT World Award

Tachyon was recognized by NPG for making quick work of remotely remediating a corrupt font issue that rendered thousands of machines inoperable at global spirits company, Pernod Ricard. 14th Annual Network PG’s 2019 IT World Awards

14th Annual Network PG’s 2019 IT World Awards

Senior technicians can diagnose problems across one or many endpoints interactively and without impacting performance. 1E provides the easiest solution to creating organization-specific fixes for all issues in a fast but safe manner. 1E’s Real-Time Platform, Tachyon, includes a tailored environment to rapidly develop and automatically test fixes that scale across the organization and every endpoint, regardless of type (server, laptop, Windows, Mac, Linux, IoT, Android, etc).

“By marrying Tachyon with ServiceNow, you now have the ability to run your entire IT estate from within a controlled process.”

Nathan Dornbrook
CTO & Founder, Adarma

1E’s Guaranteed State feature ensures that even the most complex baselines can be easily created and applied so they react in real-time (without the need to wait for polling cycles) and stop issues before they become serious problems. If you don’t want a version of Firefox to run in your organization, for example, then we will make it so – in seconds.


Organizations using Tachyon benefit from a 52% reduction in configuration drift incidents due to lower numbers of system glitches and IT system failures

*If you don’t have ServiceNow we can still help. Our task automation capabilities work with any platform. Though the level of integration may vary, we can integrate with many other ITSM solutions, such as Remedy and HP Service Manager.

Why 1E?

1E Tachyon is the first real-time platform designed for remote endpoints


Customers in 22 years

14 Million




Renewal rate across core products

$3 Billion


1E Named ServiceNow’s EMEA App Development Platform Partner of the Year

EMEA App Development Platform Partner of the Year 2020

“We are with you in this crisis. We are making our services free so you can get on and support all employees. We also promise to provide relevant technical guidance and solutions rather than marketing and sales gimmicks.”

Sumir Karayi
Founder and CEO, 1E

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