1E for Service Desk Automation

Supercharge ServiceNow by automating fixes directly on user devices.

Made for your IT challenges

Too many repetitive tickets

High MTTR, low FCR

High cost of operation

How it helps

Service desks need to meet the needs of an increasingly hybrid workforce. 1E for Service Desk Automation supercharges ServiceNow service desks with last-mile, real-time automation. Automate fixes directly on user devices or apply fixes before the first ticket with fully automated self-service and self-healing. Lower costs, resolve issues faster, and increase user happiness.

What you get

1E for Service Desk Automation includes Service Desk Augmentation for ServiceNow, Endpoint Troubleshooting, Endpoint Automation, and (optional) Employee Sentiment.

Service Desk Augmentation for ServiceNow

  • Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  • Increase first call resolution (FCR) rate
  • Improve user satisfaction and productivity
Service Desk Augmentation for ServiceNow

Automated Self Service for ServiceNow

  • Deflect tickets
  • Reduce support costs

Endpoint Troubleshooting

  • Resolve issues without disruptive screenshare sessions
Endpoint Troubleshooting
Endpoint Automation

Endpoint Automation

  • Third line and client engineering teams can transition from reactive “firefighting” to developing proactive fixes
  • Reduce costs through automation

Employee Sentiment (optional)

  • Create a culture of digital empathy with real-time sentiment and qualitative feedback
Employee Sentiment

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Case study

Nationwide: Driving an experience-centric approach to endpoint management

To improve on an already robust approach to endpoint management, Nationwide worked with 1E to improve collaboration with a business-wide initiative focusing on employee experience

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