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1E named a Strong Performer in The Forrester New Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q4 2020

1E named a Strong Performer in The Forrester New WaveTM: End-User Experience Management, Q4 2020

What is EUEM?

In a remote-first enterprise, every employee’s entire business life is represented through their endpoint. Their device is the only means by which they are able to work, collaborate, and communicate, and is therefore the natural starting point for an experience management program. Without performant devices, employees struggle to stay engaged and productive.
In fact, research conducted by Vanson Bourne highlights the concerning state of remote endpoints in 2020; in particular:

  • Over half (53%) of employees experience slow-running devices outside the office
  • Two-thirds (72%) of employees wait hours, days or weeks to get an IT issue resolved
  • 60% experience issues with the network, slow-running apps and device performance

Although enterprises know the critical role technology plays in employee engagement, as Forrester states, I&O pros “often have no insight into whether employees’ daily technology is good or bad”. With more enterprises embracing remote first, it’s going to get increasingly more difficult for IT organization to understand what employees need from them, as well what employees consider to shortfalls in their digital experience.
EUEM solutions such as 1E’s Tachyon Experience focus on closing that visibility gap by empowering IT to accurately monitor, measure and quantify employees’ digital experiences. Many EUEM solutions are going further by enabling IT teams to remediate device issues, an area where 1E was rated as differentiated.

How did 1E’s Tachyon Experience fare in the report?

1E was rated as differentiated in three criteria:

  1. Remediation: According to Forrester, “1E excels at remediating device issues, with hundreds of out-of-the-box scripts, a script builder, suggested actions, and automatic remediation natively available.”
  2. Qualitative feedback: The report states that 1E has “a robust survey tool…”. Our qualitative feedback solution, Tachyon Sentiment, enriches the endpoint health data gathered by Tachyon Experience with subjective, continuous end-user sentiment scoring. The goal is to help IT understand and measure how employees feel about their digital tools and IT experience.
  3. Services supporting customer experience: Every Tachyon customer has a dedicated Solutions Expert assigned them at no additional cost to ensure enterprises get the most out of their investment with 1E.

Understanding the value of an EUEM solution such as Tachyon Experience

Forrester states:

“Vendors that lead the pack strive to collect more than telemetry data. They also focus on understanding human perception of the tech experience. They can help I&O pros identify a wide range of tech-related issues and are increasingly building remediation capabilities directly into the product.”

Let’s break this down based on the key features of Tachyon Experience.

We’ll start with telemetry data.

Tachyon Experience collects four types of data that are aggregated into an experience score and presented through intuitive analytics:

  1. Stability: A measure of the “crashiness” of apps or the OS to determine how often they crash or hang.
  2. Performance: A measure of device statistics, such as CPU utilization and process queues, I/O, memory, network, etc
  3. Responsiveness: A measure of how the endpoint is reacting to end-user interactions, such as clicks, open rates etc. This is the closest IT can get to simulating the actual employee experience with their endpoints.
  4. Sentiment: A subjective measure of the end-user experience collected through surveys to understand the end user’s perception of their endpoint.

Next up is remediation.

To enable real-time remediation, Tachyon Experience is deeply integrated with Tachyon Explorer, empowering IT administrators to remediate experience issues as soon as they are detected across the endpoint estate. Our deep integration with ServiceNow enables this same remediation process from the ServiceNow ITSM portal. Indeed, Forrester states that Tachyon Experience “is a good fit for IT ops teams using ServiceNow.”

The final piece of the EUEM puzzle is understanding human perception.

Tachyon Sentiment enables IT to tune into employees’ perception of their IT environment and measure their satisfaction with the service they receive from IT teams. Uniquely, the configurable settings ensure end users are present when a survey pops up, and that they are not in the middle of doing something, to limit disruption.
the questions can be multiple choice, and you can craft them to your needs
EUEM will have a critical role to play in determining how enterprises adapt to a Work From Anywhere world. To learn more about the role of EUEM in the future of work, why not attend the Work From Anywhere Enterprise Conference on 17 and 18 November. You can register here.
You can also find out more about 1E Tachyon Experience here.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

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