Why Choose 1E?

1E’s mission is to help IT get more done every day.

We have brought all our solutions together into a 1E’s Real-Time Platform which means IT gets immediate responses to all actions and completes most tasks in a single thought process, without interruption. IT staff are happier because they can go home every day knowing that they have finished more tasks than ever before.

1E is a software business with a long history of providing solutions to the largest organizations in the world. Our solutions are used by IT teams in 100 organizations with over 100,000 endpoints. This means we understand how to get results in even the most complex organizations.

We do everything to make it easy for you.  We clearly outline at the start how we engage and what success will look like for both companies, so there are no surprises. We do all the hard work in terms of proving the solutions and ensuring they are successfully implemented, and then we provide dedicated resources focused on achieving the agreed outcomes.

All our solutions are based around agreed outcomes so you can trust us to deliver results. Rather than just sell you a product and assist with implementation, we provide a dedicated technical expert whose sole objective is to make the outcome a reality. They are supported by consultants, customer success, support, product and all 1E executives. Our customers agree with us: we achieve a 98% renewal rate on our core products.


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