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Case study

How 1E Partner sustainableIT is Delivering IT and Efficiencies with the 1E Platform

sustainableIT is a South African technology solutions and consulting company specializing in ensuring that clients get the most value out of their technology investments. A 1E partner for 14 years, it uses the 1E Platform to access greater efficiencies and enable clients to make better and informed decisions, creating lasting value.
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Read on to discover

  • How sustainableIT overcomes the challenging IT skills shortage and reduces costs
  • Creates internal specialists, pools real-time data, and writes and deploys automated rules that run more than 1.5M autonomous remediations per month
  • Reduces workplace incident volume by as much as 23% per month
  • Saved hundreds of thousands of hours in engineering and project management

Why DEX?

Better Experience

Digital employee experience (DEX) is important to sustainableIT because since COVID-19 it’s important to their clients.

“DEX is clearly a focus for us – and for 1E. It’s crucial that we understand the service end users experience, how remote devices are performing, and how we can respond… given analysts’ current focus on it – and what we’re seeing from clients – we believe it’s important and definitely the future of IT delivery,” says Tim James, Director of sustainableIT

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Business Aligned

By partnering with 1E, sustainableIT can use automation tools to help clients make smarter decisions with the help of real-time data. Best of all, 1E technology resolves issues through automation without disruption to productivity or downtime for end users. The shift to automation also means less-skilled IT workers can deliver everyday service tasks, leaving more experienced team members to handle strategic projects and problem solving.

“You need to ensure you involve many different stakeholders. The 1E platform is dynamic – it’s an IT tool – but it’s also a business enabler, and there’s so much you can do with it,”

More secure

With 1E, sustainableIT is handling some 1.5 million automated remediations a month. A large number of those automated instructions are reminders to end users to restart their device to install patches, before the 1E Platform will enforce a restart, ultimately improving security posture. Before sustainableIT had access to real-time endpoint data and the ability to set automated rules, the average reboot time stamp was 14 days across clients. Now, with 1E that’s been reduced to just five days, shortening the potential time window for vulnerabilities.

Read the full case study to learn how sustainableIT created “self-healing” automated instructions and is able to catalog rules to completely automate service desk processes.

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Download case study