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Man vs. OSD – Making you famous at MMS and a chance to win a 1E Limited Edition Maglite or a myITforum party ticket!


We will be running an on-going feature throughout MMS, Sun 7 – Tues 9, where we will be video recording your community questions surrounding OSD and automation to help you with your OS migration projects. We will then take your questions, answer them and then play them on our booth along with the answer! (We’ll also send you the answer separately.)
Getting those hard hitting questions answered by our resident experts not enough of an incentive for you? The best questions and scenarios that are asked and are picked to feature in the video will win a Limited Edition 1E Maglite. That’s not all… four lucky participants will win a ticket to the much sought after myITforum party as well!”
With the deadline for Windows XP support creeping ever closer, we have the experts that can help give your projects the push it needs. Read the synopsis below:

  • “From the beginning of time, men have pitted themselves against a number of worthwhile opponents. None of which can be as feared as an OS migration project. The sheer number of tasks and approaches that man can take to attempt to tackle the beast that is Operating System Deployment (OSD) is bewildering.
  • Many have been defeated by the sheer scale of the project while others have come across a myriad of issues – from application mapping to gotchas around device drivers – which they never had encountered before. Many have also fallen at the hands of insufficient bandwidth and slow links between remote branches. All of which means that they cannot confidently predict when they will finish the project or determine how much it will cost them, as well as leaving their IT systems in a precarious position.
  • We have formed a team of experts that can help you tackle these problems and instead of Man vs. OSD, make it Man controls OSD.
  • Ask our panel of experts a variety of questions regarding your OSD project and automation.”

Every day we will compile and notify each winner via email/twitter or at the 1E booth (#323) that they have won either the limited edition 1E Maglite or a myITforum party ticket! We have two to give away on the Sunday, and one each on Monday and Tuesday.
Those who asked questions on the Sunday will be notified by Monday, Monday by Tuesday, and Tuesday will be Tuesday afternoon.
Make sure to follow @1E_Global, the hashtag #1EMVO or alternatively, check in on the 1E Booth #323.
You can collect your prizes from the 1E Booth #323.
Want to take part in Man vs OSD? Have some burning OSD questions to ask? The first set of questions will be recorded at the 1E Social after the 1E Academy Live.
Second round will be at the booth (#323) at the Welcome Reception 5:30pm-8:30pm on Monday.
The last round will be at the booth (#323) at 1:00pm-2:30pm on Tuesday.
Make sure to note these down and we will be updating and reminding people through twitter!


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022