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Welcome to a new era of 1E: A brand launch recap

Last week we held a launch party in London to bring as many of our colleagues together as possible to celebrate the new era of 1E. Members of the leadership team took to the stage to explore what the new branding means for us and to collectively look toward the future.

The next phase for 1E

1E CEO - Mark Banfield
Firstly, 1E CEO, Mark Banfield took to the stage to welcome employees far and wide (some in the room, some dialing in remotely) to a new era of 1E! Mark talked through 1E’s journey — our beginnings in startup mode, through to our current position in scale-up mode – and what this means as we enter the next phase. In short?

We celebrated some big wins, such as our recent ‘Leader’ position in Forrester’s Wave Report, our ever-increasing headcount, the success of our DEX Awards 2022, and the fantastic feedback we’ve gained from recently joining G2 – to name only a few!

Staying true to our roots

Mark’s presentation to the company made one thing very clear: this new era of 1E is an evolution, not a reinvention. Staying true to 1E’s roots is an important part of the next steps in our journey, and that’s reflected in our updated core values:

Intellectual curiosity: We have an endless desire to understand, challenge, and innovate. Inspired by learning, we are always open to new ideas and perspectives, putting agendas aside.

Happy to help: We work together, we help each other, we have fun together. Through this team-first culture, we bring a welcome ray of sunshine into the lives of our colleagues and always make time for them when they need a helping hand.


Customer obsessed: We strive every day to delight customers, ensuring that every product we sell and every solution feels magical. We focus on customer success, not just delivery; we solve problems and deliver value for our customers and work wonders for their employees.

Belief: We truly believe in our vision and ability to achieve our goals. Our people have the drive to succeed even in the face of adversity and setback. We are passionate and proud of our technology and our products and know they are the best in the market.

Work Wonders™

The keen-eyed will have spotted something special about our new branding – the new tagline, Work Wonders™. The tagline evokes our highest professional aspirations and alludes to a new era in which great employee experiences make our best work possible–every day. And that includes our own employees too!

Recently, all employees at 1E were given a day off to experience something that filled them with wonder: an amazing meal, a thought-provoking exhibition, or maybe even simply quality time with the family. This “Wonder Day” was a hot topic at the launch party, with colleagues sharing stories, videos, and photos – helping spread that sense of wonder a little bit further.

Once the presentations were over, it was time to party!


We had a wonderful time (see what we did there?) and celebrated together. The rest of the evening was filled with fun, food, and drink in a pub garden, and in true British BBQ style, not even the rain could dampen spirits.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022