Infographic: Windows 10 Migration Survey Results

Infographic: Windows 10 Migration Survey Results

Organizations worldwide are looking at Windows 10 as ‘the’ alternative to aging operating systems and are gearing up for migration. Despite the factors that are propelling businesses towards Windows 10 migration, there is no denying that updates or migrations can be a lengthy, painful project if they are not handled effectively. 1E has conducted a Windows 10 Migration survey to get a better understanding of the steps organizations are taking to get to Windows 10 and identify what’s holding them back from migrating today.
Are you among the 50% of organizations planning their migration for 2016? How automated are your solutions compared to other organizations and have you considered a self-service option? Check out our infographic on Windows 10 Migration survey results for more insight.
Windows 10 Migration Survey
1E has worked on hundreds of successful Windows migrations and has thus developed best practices to make your Windows 10 migration Business-as-Usual. It is crucial to ensure that implementing a fast, efficient migration does not compromise the flow of business data or halt user productivity.
Register for our webinar on Wednesday, March 23 at 12 ET, Creaking Infrastructure, Stressed IT Staff and Cranky Users. Does your Windows 10 Migration Have to be This Way? We’ll share more findings from our Windows 10 Migration Survey and walk you through some opportunities to avoid pain throughout your migration projects. We’ll discuss how you can:

  • Prepare your infrastructure to minimize disruption to your critical business processes
  • Ensure that the different parts of your business migrate in a consistent and repeatable way
  • Free up IT staff and keeping users happy

Are the new security features in Windows 10 the main driver behind your migration project? Learn more about Secure Boot, Device Guard, and Credential Guard in these Windows 10 Security video clips and in our ongoing blog series on Device Guard.


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