Sep 19, 2017 Mandy Fisher

Tachyon: the graphic novel, signing off

Tachyon: the graphic novel, signing off

Last week in chapter 9 part 3 of our graphic novel, we watched as Pandemic was defeated by the mighty Quicksilver. Armed with Tachyon, Pandemic didn’t stand a chance.

This week, we say goodbye to Volume 1 of our novel as we look to a bright future. Next week team 1E will be at Ignite, so expect to see some exciting posts.  But for now, thanks for joining us on this fun, and at times, fantastic journey.

tachyon ignite

Looking forward

While in attendance at Ignite, there will be multitudes of activities going on. But quite a few we want to highlight.



Shaun Cassells
Eric Berg and Alex Benoit
Peter Daalmans and Niall Brady
Harjit Dhaliwal
Mike Nystrom and Johan Arwidmark
Michael Niehaus
Ami Casto

The 1E Demos:

We keep saying Ignite is going to be epic, but I’m not sure if that message has been properly conveyed. When we say “epic” we also mean “enlightening, educational, and eye-popping”. Those 4 e’s will undoubtedly be on your mind when you stop by our booth and see what we have going on. From our WSS and Tachyon demos to our expert staff who will be on hand to answer questions, you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

The Social Opps:

Social media is a gift: and we are going to be gifting out tons of amazing prizes during the week. Make sure you’re following us (preferably on all of our channels) on Twitter and Instagram to get clues to hidden Golden Tickets which are redeemable for swag, live interviews and coverage, and other fun initiatives throughout the duration of the conference.

The Party:

Guys. I’ve never been more excited about a party. The 1E party will be on Tuesday the 26th in an actual AIRPLANE HANGAR. That’s right. Plus there will be networking, swag, and other surprises. You HAVE to have a wristband to enter so make sure you stop by the 1E booth #1135.