Aug 25, 2020 Jason Keogh

Windows Services Management and Automation

In the first in the series of ‘Tachyon Tuesday’, Jason Keogh, Partner Chief Technologist at 1E, answered questions you’ve been asking about Tachyon and the benefits it brings to enterprises. In this week’s vlog, Jason Keogh walks you though a demonstration of Windows Services Management and Automation.
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Every company has certain services that they need to be running (or perhaps never run) on their endpoints. There are a host of services that are important, but typical examples are anti-virus software, patch deployment, and software deployment tools (think Microsoft MEM/SCCM).

Without these services running as they should, end-users may not get software updates, their machines could be exposed to security risks or outages and their data could be at risk.

Service control should be simple and you will see just how simple it can be in this vlog.