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On-Demand Webinar

A Strategy for Effective Working from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

1E hosted a 45-minute webinar on how IT can support remote working at scale during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many organizations to adopt remote working practices at scale. Very few were prepared for this sudden shift in working, posing a huge challenge for their IT teams. As a result, IT teams have faced a huge uptick in service desk tickets, their tools are struggling due to network congestion, and compliance and security of remote endpoints are proving to be a difficult task.

Listen to 1E’s founder and CEO, Sumir Karayi, and Senior Product Manager, Adrian Todd, as they discuss how to respond to the workplace challenges posed by COVID-19. They demonstrate our technologies to give you insight into our unique solutions that:

  • Can fix almost any issue directly from the ServiceNow console to reduce wait times
  • Ensure that employees can use their device by automatically running synthetic transactions to check responsiveness and remediate performance issues
  • Require virtually no bandwidth, which means they are able to work over congested networks
  • Provide immediate control and compliance over all endpoints
  • Can immediately remove all data on a stolen endpoint so your organization’s security posture remains uncompromised

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Sumir Karayi

Sumir Karayi

Founder & CEO, 1E

Adrian Todd

Adrian Todd

Tachyon Product Manager, 1E

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