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The Importance of Managing Privileged Access with 1E

Cyberattacks are a problem plaguing many organizations today. While businesses want to do all they can to combat this very real possibility, overzealous security measures can cause friction, frustration, and bad digital employee experience (DEX). So how can IT teams keep things secure without sacrificing good DEX? 1E has found the perfect balance for this reoccurring issue. To learn more about achieving the ideal state in managing privileged access and maintaining a positive employee experience, watch our on-demand webinar.

There are times when employees need elevated privileges to complete various tasks but are unable because of strict practices to avoid potential risks. 1E Endpoint Automation allows users to access secure information only when needed by utilizing the self-service option, then automatically removes privileges after the allotted time to complete a task has lapsed. The 1E Platform continuously focuses on remediating issues like this to further improve the digital employee experience for all.

Eliminating the time spent by IT granting administrative access to various employees and reducing the number of tickets reviewed will improve employee productivity and create a more secure environment. If you’d like to see how this works in action, learn more by watching the on-demand webinar.


Feras Zeineddine

Feras Zeineddine

Senior Solutions Engineer, 1E

Alix Webb

Alix Webb

Technical Product Marketing Manager, 1E

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