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Modern Workplace Management

End-user workstations are at the heart of the modern business.

The end-user relies on their computer being available, safe, and ready with the apps they need to get their work done. The last thing they want is for IT to take the device away for a few hours (or days) to apply updates. And if it comes back without their apps…

You can imagine the frustration.

The delay for users in the office is annoying, but for those that spend most of their time working remotely – say in hotels, at home, or a small branch office – the potential for disruption is much worse.

There is a better way: automation and end-user empowerment.

In this webinar, we’ll review the challenges of managing large scale estates of devices, Microsoft’s recent announcements around “modern management”, and AutoPilot. We’ll also look at how 1E’s Windows Servicing Assistant (WSA) automates Windows management tasks which reduce the load on IT and empower end-users to keep their own devices healthy and up-to-date without interfering with their work.

After this webinar:

  • You will have information to help plan your transition to modern management
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges of modern endpoint management
  • Where to find more information to get started


  • Tim De Keukelaere
    Tim De Keukelaere
    Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Mobility
  • Steve Campbell
    Steve Campbell
    Technical Evangelist, 1E
  1. Is AutoPilot as secure as wiping and deploying with traditional tech?
    This would be best addressed by your Microsoft representative. Devices which have been infected or are suspected to be at-risk should most likely be destructively wiped and reimaged using a more traditional process and approach. For purposes of reuse within an organization, AutoPilot Reset should be sufficient for most organization’s needs.
  2. Is it possible to customize attributes such as the Device Name as part of Windows AutoPilot?
    Naming and naming policies do not appear to be a supported configuration item at this time. See the following link for more details:
  3. As well as MS AD, do you support any other directory services?
    Microsoft Azure AD Premium is the only supported directory service for AutoPilot. See the following link for details:
  4. Can Windows Servicing Suite (WSS) also support for legacy server OS like Windows 2003, Windows 2008?
    For deployments (vs solution hosting), any and all operating systems supported by ConfigMgr are supported by 1E WSS.
    See the following link for details: https://www.1e.com/products/windows-servicing-suite/
  5. Is Nomad part of the WSA? Is there a separate cost involved?
    Nomad from 1E is sold as part of the 1E Windows Servicing Suite (WSS). WSA and Nomad are included in the suite.
    See the following link for details: https://www.1e.com/products/windows-servicing-suite/
  6. Does AutoPilot work for Windows Home version, to join to AAD?
    Windows 10 version 1703 or higher must be used. Only Professional, Professional for Education, Business, Enterprise, and Education editions are supported.
  7. You keep mentioning that it's not ready for "prime time", but can you elaborate on what that means? What are the pitfalls?
    With AutoPilot, you can only address a few deployment and provisioning scenarios. BreakFix, Malware infection and other scenarios often result in complete wipe and loads (per organization guidelines), additionally, devices can only be enrolled in one configuration at a time (which may be a challenge for consulting and or other multi-location scenarios and Win32 non-MSI applications are still a challenge. Additionally many organizations are not yet fully on Azure AD (Premium)
  8. Will AutoPilot allow for enforcing a workstation name policy when going through provisioning?
    Naming and naming policies do not appear to be a supported configuration item at this time. See the following link for more details:
  9. 1703 or 1709? What's the estimated timeframe you think that Microsoft will move from SCCM to Intune for modern management?
    We don’t foresee Microsoft abandoning ConfigMgr anytime in the near future. Co-management seems to be the trend and pattern for at least a while.

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