Tachyon Explorer’s unique single packet architecture gives IT absolute visibility and control of every endpoint in the estate. Empower IT to be proactive, respond quickly to incidents and security threats, and ultimately provide a better employee experience.

Core features

Natural language endpoint querying

Get real-time information from endpoints and execute commands at scale to drastically reduce Mean Time to Remediation. Its user-friendly front end and Natural Language Understanding capabilities ensure faster querying, investigation, and remediation.

Actionable insights in seconds

Interact with every endpoint in the estate and get information in real time. The process of querying and retrieving answers from endpoints takes a matter of seconds, even across thousands of remote endpoints. Retrieved data is never cached so you know the actual state of your endpoints at any given time for better decision making.

Real-time remediation

Leverage an automation library with 900+ pre-built instructions and more added all the time. Senior IT admins are empowered to create additional instructions easily and safely using a sandbox agent, reducing the cost per ticket and enabling IT to proactively remediate IT issues at scale.

Deep integration with ServiceNow ITSM

Empower IT support admins to quickly retrieve information from the affected endpoint and remediate at scale. Through faster remediation and reduced escalations, Explorer significantly reduces the cost per ticket and MTTR to deliver a better end-user experience with the service desk.

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