An Objective Comparison of Tanium Core and 1E Tachyon

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) conducted an objective and independent evaluation of two of the leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms currently available: Tanium and 1E Tachyon.

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Recognizing today’s more dynamic end user computing environments, 1E architected its Tachyon solution to provide high-speed responses that are also much faster than traditional approaches to endpoint monitoring but without the need for linking endpoints in unmovable chains.

— EMA research paper: Adopting Effective Solutions in Endpoint Detection and Response (June 2018)

Key Findings & 1E Position

  • Modern Architecture: Tanium’s architecture predates the mobile revolution.
  • Support for mobile working: Tanium’s architecture is only ideally suited for static environments supporting non-moving PCs on dedicated LANs.
  • Faster Response Speed: Tachyon offers a lower friction approach with faster performance than what is possible with Tanium’s peer-to-peer chain.
  • Lower resource impact on endpoint: Tanium’s approach sequentially executes scripts locally on each endpoint, adding to network and CPU load.
  • Extensibility beyond scripting: Tachyon’s process automation goes beyond Tanium’s support for just basic shell scripts (using SCALE).
  • Broader Integration: Tachyon’s REST API provide easier, more reliable connections to third-party management solutions.
An Objective Comparison of Tanium Core and 1E Tachyon

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